I completed the Design Craft National Diploma at Bath City College in 2001 and continued my studies at Bath Spa University, gaining a first class honours degree in ceramics in 2008. I joined the Gloucester Guild of Craftsmen as an Associate Member in 2009 and I now work from a studio at my home in Bath.
As well as taking part in exhibitions with the Gloucester Guild, I also exhibit and sell my work in several galleries in England.

I enjoy spending time in Museums. I love to look for more unusual pieces and those which are less sophisticated and often charming and amusing. My work is a personal response to these museum pieces; I do not attempt to imitate them, but rather take some formal details and basic shapes and translate them into my own language.

My work is screen printed using oxides, mainly traditional cobalt blue, and hand built.
After the first firing, the pieces are glazed and re-fired. Then the magic happens, as the beautiful colours of the oxides shines through...
Most of my work is then finished with extravagant gold lustre.

My original print design is based on vintage "Sunday Best" tea sets and other domestic items from my personal surroundings, but overprinted so that much of the detail is obliterated leaving only a hint of the original design.
My next design was based on drawings made in Bath's Sydney Gardens. The pictures are drawings of the many decorative buildings and bridges which can be found there, with trees and plants inspired by the traditional willow pattern.

My cups and jugs are approximately 12cm tall and a medium flower brick measures around 6 x 9 x 4.5cm. The tallest cylinder vases can be up to 25-30cm and my small trays about 6 x 9cm.

The majority of my work is priced between £25 and £50